Lawn Care Services

A beautiful lawn is the pride and joy of any homeowner around Raleigh or Eastern North Carolina. But for many people, lawn maintenance is anything but a joy. At ETM, there’s nothing we like more than keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Whether your home is inland or at the coast, we have the knowledge and experience to give your lawn exactly what it needs throughout the year. From regular feeding to pest control to aeration, ETM is your source for stress-free lawn care.

Cool Season Grass Care.

If you live in the Triangle area, there is a good chance that your lawn is Fescue. This grass is very popular because it maintains its lush green appearance year round. It’s also a hardy variety, so it stands up well to disease, insect and weed infestation. ETM keeps cool season grasses happy and healthy with the following care programs:

Warm Season Grass Care.

North Carolina is in a transition zone for warm/cool season grasses, which means a variety of grasses will thrive here, including Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine and Zoysia. ETM keeps them all looking their best with a care plan specially designed for this in-between zone.

Coastal Grass Care.

Grasses in coastal climates require special care. We have a different soil type also temperature swings, high winds and salt air all make for tricky growing conditions. ETM is mindful of these factors and has developed a care program specifically for our seaside clients. Because life is a beach…but caring for your coastal grass doesn’t have to be.

Lawn Pest Control.

Even well-maintained lawns experience occasional pest problems. ETM is well-versed in providing fast, effective treatment of some of the most common issues.

Aeration & Overseeding.

Over time, all lawns will develop compaction and thatch. Thatch is a layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots that accumulate between the layer of actively growing grass and the soil underneath. Too much thatch is an ideal breeding ground for disease and insects that can damage your lawn. Compaction occurs naturally over time and with increased activity. What’s the best defense? Core aeration. Using this special machine, ETM removes plugs of thatch and soil relieving compaction letting oxygen and nutrients easily reach the root zone. Annual core aeration (springtime for warm season lawns and fall for cool season grasses) keeps your lawn looking its best by ensuring it’s healthy from the roots up.