Cool Season Grass

For cool-season grasses such as Fescue in the Raleigh area, this popular grass creates beautiful, lush green lawns year round. Ideally-suited to North Carolina’s transition zone climate, a well-maintained Fescue lawn has good disease, weed and insect resistance.

Month/Season Services Provided Premium Program           (6 Apps) Estate Program (10Apps)
1 Early Spring
Fertilizer and/or Weed Controls.
2 Spring
Fertilizer and Weed Controls.
3 Summer I
Slow release Fertilizer.
4-7 Summer
These FOUR summer treatments control lawn diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot. They are scheduled every 30 days and keep the lawn healthy all summer. Included in these treatments are additional weed control, nutsedge control, and grub control.
8 Summer II
Pelleted Lime (Soil Conditioner).
9 Fall
Dry, Slow release Fertilizer.
10 Late Fall
Fertilizer, Winter Root Feeding.