Lawn Pest Control

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are aggressive, invasive and their venomous sting is a danger to people and pets. They are rapidly becoming a serious problem in central and south-eastern parts of North Carolina.

Eastern Turf is certified by Bayer Environmental Science as Top Choice Trained Professionals. This means our staff are qualified to apply Top Choice, a cutting-edge fire ant control.

In a single application we can protect your property for an entire year.

That means existing fire ants are eliminated and new colonies are prevented from establishing for a year. Our fire ant control works at any time of year and offers lasting protection for up to 12 months.

Weed control

Our herbicides are usually applied in a liquid form for good broad coverage. The time of year weed controls are applied depends on the type of grass you have.  Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls applied by Eastern Turf will control most of your broad leaf weed issues.

Brown patch control

Brown patch is a fungal disease that creates irregular circular areas up to several feet in diameter with a brownish-grey appearance. This turf disease is caused by soil-dwelling fungi that has grown out of control, doing real damage to your lawn.

Anti-fungal treatments should be handled by a professional as it’s all too easy to kill beneficial fungi. This throws the soil severely out of balance and can lead to worsened brown patch the following year.

There are lots of pests around Eastern North Carolina and we can help!