Warm Season Grass

North Carolina and the Raleigh / Eastern NC area is in a transition zone for warm/cool season grasses, which means a variety of grasses will thrive here, including Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine and Zoysia. ETM keeps them all looking their best with a care plan specially designed for this in-between zone.

 Round Month/Season Services Provided Premium Program           (7 Apps) Estate Program  (10 Apps)
1 Early Spring
Pre-emergent and post emergent weed controls are applied to keep early season weeds at bay
2 Spring
The weather is getting warmer so dry fertilizer is applied. This primes grass for the season ahead.
3 Summer I
A second dry fertilizer application delivers vital nutrients for summer months.
4 Summer II
A third dry fertilizer application keeps grass healthy in the heat of the season.
5 Fall
High potash fertilizer is applied to boost soil performance and to prepare the grass for winter.
6 Late Fall
Lime/Gypsum soil conditioner is applied so plants can access the nutrients found in the soil.
7 Winter
Pre – and post – emergent weed contrl applications mitigate late season weed infestation.
8 – 10 Winter/Spring
(Apr, Sept, Nov)
Fungicides are applied to help control large patch.  Two applications in the fall and one in the spring.