Tree and Shrub Care

Caring for the trees and shrubs around your property is an important part of your lawn and landscape program. In the Raleigh and Durham areas, we have both older neighborhoods with long-established landscaping, as well as many new construction communities that are full of young trees and shrubs. Regardless of the age of your plants, it is important to properly maintain them with a tree and shrub care program so they will flourish for years to come.

The comprehensive Tree & Shrub program at Eastern Turf Maintenance helps to ensure the healthy growth and protection of your trees and shrubs, along with long-term, beautiful results. Our skilled team members monitor how your plants are responding to treatments and can make adjustments to meet the exact conditions of your landscape. This regular maintenance also allows us to spot and identify pests that may be trying to take up residence.

row of round shaped boxwood

Tree and Shrub Maintenance Tips

In addition to investing in a tree and shrub program, there are many other things that you can do for your plants to keep them healthy. Maintenance and care such as seasonal pruning is also very important for the health of your plants. Find out what else you can do for your trees and shrubs in this helpful article from The Green Group.

Need help with the trees and shrubs on your property?

You can find out more about the tree and shrub services that we provide to our customers throughout the Raleigh-Durham and coastal areas, by clicking here.  You can also give us a call at (919) 571-9990. We’re always glad to help.

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