Warm Season Grass Types

image of feet standing on bermudagrass

North Carolina is home to many grass types. In the Triangle region, we service homes that have warm season grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia and maybe even some with Centipede. A more recent trend is to have split grass types depending on the location of the grass. For instance, if a back yard gets more shade, homeowners may choose to seed with a cool season Fescue, while having a more drought-tolerant warm season grass in the sunny front yard. At the coast, Eastern Turf Maintenance customers typically all have warm season grass because the climate in that region is dryer and warmer.

Warm season grasses thrive in North Carolina, but they do take proper care and maintenance. It is important to get on a good lawn care program, as well as follow proper watering and mowing guidelines to ensure that your warm season turf thrives throughout the year.

You can learn more about warm season grass types, including those we have in North Carolina on this informative post from our partners at Green Group.

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