Why is my neighbor’s lawn blue?

blue stuff on lawn

It’s that time of year again. Spring flowers start blooming, the temperatures start to warm. You step outside with your morning coffee to breath in a little fresh air. You smile and with the sunshine hitting your face, you begin to look around, surveying the neighborhood. But, wait! What is that? Suddenly you realize there is a glare of bright blue interrupting the serine scene of your morning. What in the world is it? Why is your neighbor’s lawn blue?

Here’s the truth. It is dye.

Your neighbors – let’s call them Tom and Nancy, have had their yard dyed blue. But, why? Well, the truth is, they probably don’t know. They have likely been sold a fertilization and weed control product that has been touted as “more effective”. In reality, all that has happened is that whatever company Tom and Nancy paid to treat their lawn opted to use a product that has had blue dye added to it. This is a common practice, but it actually has zero effect on the productivity of your lawn care treatment. At Eastern Turf Maintenance, we don’t spend money on adding colors to the products we use. We spend money on better products and employee training practices.

Read more about why companies are painting lawns blue on Green Group’s recent blog post. Questions about lawn care? We’d love to hear from you!

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