Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs are a valuable part of your landscape and should not be overlooked. Professional care of trees and shrubs ensures healthy growth, protection and beautiful results. We will monitor how plants are responding, making adjustments to meet the exact conditions of your landscape. Our program includes up to eight treatments per calendar year. Programs that begin mid-year will not receive all eight applications but with our expert team knowing which treatments to apply, and when, you still will receive excellent results.


Our tree and shrub program:
1 Winter Horticultural Oils (January-February) These are also referred to as dormant oils and they are very effective at controlling overwintering and sucking insects.
2 Early Spring Fertilizer (February-March) Balanced fertilizer with minors to promote healthy, vigorous plant growth
3 Early Summer Fungicide & Insecticide (March-April) This is our first insecticide/fungicide of the year.
4 Summer I Fungicide & Insecticide (May-June) Insecticide to control early insect activity along with a fungicide to control disease.
5 Summer II Fungicide & Insecticide (July) Continues control for insects and disease.
6 Late Summer Fungicide & Insecticide (August) This is our last insecticide/fungicide of the year.
7  Fall Fertilizer (September-October) Balanced fertilizer with minors to prepare your shrubs for the winter months.
8 Late Fall Horticultural Oils (November-December) Dormant oils to help control overwintering and sucking insects.

Not all trees and shrubs are covered under our program.  Here is a list of plants we do not treat; roses, Japanese maples, any type of fruit baring or flowering fruit tree, any type of ground cover grasses (mondo, pampas, or liriope), vines, potted plants, trees over 25 foot, and aquatic plants.  For assistance with these varieties please call our main office (919-571-9990).