Tree, Shrub, & Mosquito Care

Protect the investment in your landscape, as well as your family from disease carrying mosquitos with our tree & shrub care and mosquito programs. Choose the package that is right for you. Questions? We would love to chat with you. Please give us a call! 919-571-9990


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Protect your outdoor areas from mosquitos.
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Your trees and shrubs are a significant investment. Keep them healthy and strong.
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Mosquito Treatments

New in 2020! We are pleased to now offer 8 seasonal mosquito treatments to help you enjoy your outdoor space without fear of contracting mosquito-born illness. These treatments are highly effective at keeping disease carrying mosquitos at bay and our highly trained associates take great care when treating your property. Find out how you can add mosquito to your plan by getting a quote today or just give us a call at 919-571-9990.

*Mosquito service is not available in all areas. Please contact your regional team to find out more.

Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs are a valuable part of your landscape and should not be overlooked. Professional care of trees and shrubs ensures healthy growth, protection and beautiful results. We will monitor how plants are responding, making adjustments to meet the exact conditions of your landscape. Our program includes up to eight treatments per calendar year. Programs that begin mid-year will not receive all eight applications but with our expert team knowing which treatments to apply, and when, you still will receive excellent results.

Not all trees and shrubs are covered under our program.  Here is a list of plants we do not treat; roses, Japanese maples, any type of fruit baring or flowering fruit tree, any type of ground cover grasses (mondo, pampas, or liriope), vines, potted plants, trees over 25 foot, and aquatic plants.  For assistance with these varieties please call our main office (919-571-9990).

Find out about bundling with our Lawn Care packages.

All of our programs include the following services: